07/12/2017 — The name of one New Model is preventing us from closing out the List of 2017 New Models, but that doesn’t mean we can’t move to 2018. Its the 50th Anniversary of Hot Wheels so you can expect to see some pretty cool things in the mainline starting with the New Models. 2018 is looking like it will be the year of the #Skyline as several castings are set to debut. With that said, our “In Progress” list will continue throughout the year keeping you up-to-date on the latest news on #2018 New Models. Here is what we have so far for you:

2018 New Models*

Other New Castings for 2018 (non-mainline)


  • Gran Turismo Twin Mill (TBD) … shown in artwork in Petrolicious article.
  • Cyber Crush (TBD) … name trademarked by Mattel.
  • Pure Muscle (TBD) … name trademarked by Mattel.
  • Dragon Hunter (TBD) … name trademarked by Mattel.
  • Ring Master (TBD) … name trademarked by Mattel.
  • Widow Maker (TBD) … name trademarked by Mattel.
  • Hound Hauler (TBD) … name trademarked by Mattel.
  • Forty Miner (TBD) … name trademarked by Mattel.
  • Haul Y’all (TBD) … name trademarked by Mattel.

*Names subject to change

Updated 9/25/2018 — Added Mazda 787B to the list… not sure how I missed that one earlier in the year.

Updated 6/28/2018 — Added V8 Bomber to other list.

Updated 6/24/2018 — Added “Action Sedan”, and SDCC to Thanos Copter.

Updated 6/6/2018 — Added Bogzilla.

Updated 5/21/2018 — Added Bot Wheels, Track Manga and Cruella de Vil

Updated 5/18/2018 — Added Dune Daddy.

Updated 5/14/2018 — Added Hover & Out.

Updated 5/4/2018 — Added HW50.

Updated 4/24/2018 — Added Star Wars Character Cars from the Han Solo movie.

Updated 4/23/2018 — Added Thanoscopter and Gru Car.

Updated 4/17/2018 — Added 2019 New Models to this list before page is created.

Updated 3/26/2018 — Added Volkswagen T1 Rockster, Erik Killmonger, Thanos, Iron Man Mark 50 and Donkey Kong.

Updated 3/23/2018 — Added 3 Nissans: Silvia S14, Silvia S15 and stock Skyline R32.

Updated 3/7/2018 — Added Kick Kart and changed Airacuda to Airuption.

Updated 2/10/2018 — Added cars from 2018 Mainline List.

Updated 2/7/2018 — Added Exotique.

Updated 1/18/2018 — Added Rising Heat & Electrack.

Updated 1/16/2018 — Added Carry On.

Updated 1/15/2018 — Moved Minecraft Character Cars to 2017 New Models list.

Updated 1/12/2018 — Added Acura NSX GT3 to premium list.

Updated 1/8/2018 — Moved McLaren from Rumor Mill to 2018 New Models. Added Skull Shaker.

Updated 12/26/2017 — Link to ’17 Jeep Wrangler article added.

Updated 12/19/2017 — Added Cyber Speed, Beat All and modified Hi Beam, Bubble Matic and ’71 Porsche 917LH to reflect their 2018 “F” case names.

Updated 12/06/2017 — Added Unnamed Unlicensed Car from Pley Box promo.

Updated 11/20/2017 — Added McLaren 720S to Rumor Mill.

Updated 10/25/2017 — Added ’18 Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Edition.

Updated 10/10/2017 — Added the ’71 Porsche 917LH shown on stage at the 31st Convention FINALE.

Updated 10/08/2017 — Added vehicles shown at the 31st Convention FINALE.

Updated 10/03/2017 — Added ’16 Cadillac ATS-V R.

Updated 10/02/2017 — Added ’16 Mercedes-AMG GT3.

Updated 09/25/2017 — Added link to Hi-Po Hauler pic. Removed ’95 Mitsubishi Eclipse from Rumor Mill (its for the Fast & Furious line).

Updated 09/18/2017 — Added Dune-a-Soar & Track Ripper.

Updated 09/14/2017 — Added Minecraft Character Cars.

Updated 08/22/2017 — Added ’16 BMW M2 and revised Custom Ford Maverick in speculation.

Updated 08/19/2017 — Added ’15 Land Rover Defender Double Cab.

Updated 08/16/2017 — Added ’95 Mitsubishi Eclipse to Rumor Mill. Moved Justice League Batmobile to non-mainline.

Updated 08/08/2017 — Added Skeleton (Minecraft).

Updated 07/12/2017 — Added Gran Turismo Twin Mill and Justice League Batmobile to Speculation.

Updated 07/12/2017 — Added Nissan Skyline GT-R R33, ’85 Honda City Turbo, Corvette C7 Z06 Convertible, Unnamed Bubble Wand Car & Unnamed Hamburger Truck.

Updated 07/12/2017 — List started.


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  1. got to meet richard rawlings at a meet and greet at foxwoods casino…he says theres gunna be a recolor of the midas monkey in blue and the gas monkey rlc should be out around christmas

  2. Is it OK if we post wishlists on here? Or is that best suited for the hot wheels wikia?

  3. Does anybody know if the Gas Monkey Garage hi-po Hauler is still being released sometime in 2018? I heard there were contract issues but I also heard that they were going to release it late this year. If anybody is looking for the gas monkey garage corvettes in both colors I have been able to find multiple of each at Marino’s in Chicagoland Area of course after I paid 10 dollars a piece for them online. Happy to have more then one of each tho. Any Insider info?

    • Representatives from Mattel have stated the Hi-Po Hauler will not go on sale until late summer, early fall… which I personally equate to somewhere around September. No contract issues that I have heard of — as that most likely was squared away before production even began.

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