The Hot Wheels #Car Culture / Team Transport line has brought us a series of firsts. In addition to it being a new line at a pricepoint we haven’t seen before ($12.99 in the U.S.), all the transporters are new castings. Also, this line marks the debut of the new fifteen52 #Real Riders wheels. In this first 2-pack, which features both vehicles in a #Magnus Walker #Urban Outlaw livery, we get both sets of fifteen52 wheels: the Real Riders fifteen52 Outlaw Wheels (Porsche 356 Speedster) and the #Real Riders fifteen52 Turbomac HD Wheels (#VW Transporter T1 Pickup).

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Transporter T1 Pickup from the 2018 Car Culture Team Transport line featuring Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw Livery with Porsche 356 Speedster (Side View, Porsche Up)

While the Porsche 356 Speedster is a nice, newer casting, today’s feature will focus solely on the brand-new, #First Edition of the #Volkswagen Transporter T1 Pickup. This was the casting that I absolutely had to have, so I made arrangements to get this one from a friend as I still have only seen empty pegs at retail. Luckily, mix A contained this two-pack (x2) as the other two two-packs came one per case (of 4), so collectors that ordered/found these by the case had extras of this set.

Being that the #Volkswagen Transporter T1 Pickup is the smaller of the three transporters released so far, it received criticism from a few collectors for “being that VW truck from the mainline with a flatbed”. As you should be able to see below, these are two entirely different castings so those collectors are wrong. If you look at the front of both the new, VW T1 Pickup and the existing #Volkswagen T2 Pickup, you can see one of the main differences aesthetically: the T1 features a V-shaped front design, whereas the T2 has that six-hole front intake vent.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Transporter T1 Pickup from the 2018 Car Culture Team Transport line featuring Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw Livery with Volkswagen T2 Pickup (Front View)

After that, you start to notice the more subtle differences like the split windshield on the T1, and the more arching roof of the T2, as well as the different headlight patterns. In addition to the #Moving Part on the #Volkswagen Transport T1 Pickup, it also features a metal base, premium detail, and those brand-new #Real Riders fifteen52 Turbomac HD Wheels — not that mainline VW truck anymore, huh?

Scale-wise, these two are the same, which is nice because you can feature them together without one being overbearingly large. I know that the other small amount of criticism this casting received was that the Porsche seemed so large on the back. You have to remember that these T1 pickups were small trucks scale-wise, so this is pretty spot on.

I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of the Porsche 356 Speedster companion as I would have rather seen the #VW Transporter T1 Pickup come with another #VW, but this one does feature the #Magnus Walker #Urban Outlaw livery so it seems like a #Porsche is almost necessary if you’re going to have it on a premium set like this.

It will be interesting going forward if we see these transporters reissued in the #Car Culture / Team Transport line, if they come with new companions, or if its the same pairing with different deco. Based on what we’ve seen so far, I’m venturing to guess we will indeed see new companions as the liveries change.

The Hot Wheels #Volkswagen Transporter T1 Pickup is in stores now. It is part of mix A which also features the #GReddy Sakura Sprinter / #Nissan Laurel 2000 SGX combo AND the #Advan Carry On / ’69 Nissan Skyline Van combo. Pictures of Mix B have also surfaced so that mix shouldn’t be that far away. It features the Retro Rig casting in both Snake and Mongoose pairs (along their respective funny cars), the #MOMO Fleet Flyer / #Porsche 962 combo, AND a reissue of the GReddy combo from mix A. So, I’m not sure if you will see VW Transporter T1 Pickup in this combo again, so this may be the time to get it if you are on the fence — that is, if you are on the fence to begin with. Its hard not to be a fan of this #Urban Outlaw VW Transporter T1 Pickup.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Gray & Enamel White Body (metal). Clear Windows. Red Interior. Dark Gray Bed (plastic). Chrome-Rim, Black Real Riders fifteen52 Turbomac HD Wheels. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Thailand. Toy# FLF61. Released in 2018 as #1 in the Car Culture / Team Transport series.

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  1. In a round about way the Porsche is kind of a VW since the original 356 used Beetle parts. Plus I love the Porsche so any justification for it being released is good for me

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