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Orange Track Diecast

Previewing the new AMAZON EXCLUSIVE 2023 Hot Wheels BLACK BOX

So… I did an unboxing, my first! Mattel sent over a brand new product this week: the 2023 Hot Wheels Black Box. This box will be an #Amazon Exclusive and retail for $24.99. Inside are 16 first appearance vehicles from the latest Hot Wheels mix — this one […]

Official List of the 2022 Hot Wheels Mainline

2022 Hot Wheels Mainline List (by series) 22NM = 2022 New Model • TH = Treasure Hunt (regular) • $TH = $uper Treasure Hunt Baja Blazers Twinnin’ N Winnin’ Baja Bone Shaker Humvee ’20 Jeep Gladiator Blade Raider HW450F ’19 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss LT Custom Ford Bronco […]

2022 Hot Wheels “A” Case Report & Checklist

Download the FULL CHECKLIST here. New to the Case 002 Twinnin’ ‘n Winnin’ (blue) • Baja Blazers 1/10003 Baja Bone Shaker (satin red) • Baja Blazers 2/10005 Mighty K (white) • HW Metro 1/10 21NM006 Fast Gassin’ (chrome/orange/aqua) • HW Metro 2/10007 The Dark Knight Batmobile (dark blue) […]