HW Hot Trucks (2018 New Model): ’19 CHEVY SILVERADO TRAIL BOSS LT

Hard to believe that up until now, the most current Hot Wheels Chevy #Silverado casting we had was over a decade old. Granted, in the last decade, the design of the Silverado hasn’t changed much. Enter the #’19 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss LT. Its more aggressive front-end styling gives it an updated look for sure, and the Hot Wheels version captures that. To celebrate the occasion, we have get front detail on this mainline release in the form of a #Chevrolet emblem, and two red tow hooks that protrude the front bumper. The “TRAIL BOSS” and “Z71” insignia are also present in the form of side tampos.

Immediately upon seeing the Hot Wheels #’19 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss LT as part of the Finale Slideshow at the Convention in Dallas this last April, I wondered how it compared to its predecessor, the #’07 Chevy Silverado 4×4. The one I have below is the 2015 Heritage / Real Riders Series release, which despite it being in the premium range, felt like a good comparison given its clean nature and it essentially being the same dark red color. I’m not sure if its the wheels or what, but the new ’19 Silverado sits a lot lower — a trait that can be attested to the design being more stock in nature.

This brand-new, #2018 New Models release of the #’19 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss LT is part of the 2018 #HW Hot Trucks Series. Its just hitting stores now in the U.S. as part of the #2018 Hot Wheels “N” case assortment. So, be on the lookout for this #Truck if you haven’t found it already. Its one of the last 2018 New Models to be released for this year and could fly under the radar as one of the better 2018 New Models.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Dark Red Body (metal). Clear Windows. Black Interior. Chrome Bead-Lock Off-Road Wheels. Metalflake Gray Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# FJV97. Released in 2018 as #10 of 10 in the HW Hot Trucks Series … also part of the 2018 New Models (#299/365 in the 2018 mainline).

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