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List of the 2019 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks

2019 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Steer Clear Chassis Snapper (Animal Attack 1/5) Hot Wheels Racing (red) Zombie Wrex (Sick Stuff 1/5) Fire Starter (Monster Myths 1/5) Torque Terror (HW Demo Derby 1/5) 5 Alarm Hissy Fit (Animal Attack 2/5) Loco Punk (Sick Stuff 2/5) Podium Crasher Nessie-Sary Roughness […]

List of Hot Wheels 2019 Themed Assortments & other specialty series (UPDATED 8/14)

Batman Vehicles Series • Walmart ’11 Dodge Charger R/T (Batman v Superman) Batmobile (Batman v Superman) The Bat (The Dark Knight Rises) Batman Live Batmobile (Batman Live) ’89 Batmobile (Batman (1989)) The Batman Batmobile (The Batman TV Series (2004-2008)) American Pickups • Walmart ’40 Ford Pickup ’49 Ford F1 ’70 Dodge Power Wagon ’15 […]