Legends of Speed (2018 New Model): ’16 MERCEDES-AMG GT3

Hot Wheels has brought us video game cars from the games #Gran Turismo, #Need for Speed and #FORZA Motorsport, now starts the run of cars from #Project Cars 2. The #2018 New Models #’16 Mercedes-AMG GT3 is placed in the #Legends of Speed segment series for 2018, and is officially the first car we see from the Project Cars 2 game that was released back in September.

This #Mercedes is part of the #2018 Hot Wheels “D” case assortment which is in stores now. Upcoming releases from #Project Cars 2 include the Porsche 917 LH (2018 mainline “F” case), the BMW M1 Procar, Mercedes-Benz 19oE and Audi R8 LMS (Car Culture / Euro Speed) AND the Acura NSX GT3 (Replica Entertainment) — all of which are playable cars in the game!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’16 Mercedes-AMG GT3 from the 2018 Legends of Speed Series … also a 2018 New Model (racing on orange track)

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, man oh man, this new #’16 Mercedes-AMG GT3 casting is hot! Lets be honest, it looks great zipping down that orange track in the photo above. The metal spoiler is clean. The body contours are clean and crisp. I especially love the vents in the hood and how the designer utilized the window piece and interior piece for clean color breaks. This casting certainly has a premium feel to it so its remarkable that it can be had at the mainline price-point of a buck.

Since we are already singing the praise of the new #’16 Mercedes-AMG GT3, how about those graphics? You have to remember that since this is a mainline car, obviously they won’t be as nice as if this release was in #Car Culture or #Replica Entertainment, but aren’t they still pretty nice all things considered? The #68 Team Hot Wheels design looks great on this metalflake gray painted body — so nice, that it really has this collector hoping for a recolor in Hot Wheels Race Team Blue. Ultimately #Project Cars 2 looks as good — if not better — on Hot Wheels as the other video game franchises. Keep them coming Mattel!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Gray Body (metal). Tinted Windows. Light Gray Interior. Yellow-Rim, Black Japanese 5-Spoke (J5) Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# FJV46. Released in 2018 as #6 of 10 in the Legends of Speed Series … also part of the 2018 New Models (#72/365 in the 2018 Hot Wheels mainline).


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  1. I really like the look of this casting, I haven’t seen it yet in the wild but I’ve seen pics online. Looks good all the way and great for mainline.

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