Second 2018 SDCC Exclusive is REVEALED; the THANOS COPTER?!?!?

6/24/2018 — On Friday, Yahoo! Entertainment broke the news on another Hot Wheels #San Diego Comic Con Exclusive for 2018: the Thanos Copter. Those of you that have seen Avengers: Infinity War (2018) now know the idea of Thanos in any Earthly vehicle is insane, but those of you that are more comic savvy, may recall that Thanos did indeed have a helicopter at one point. Back in 1979, he appeared in the comic, “Spider Super Stories #39” with what is known as the Thanos Copter.

Just like last year’s Spider-Mobile (and its Deadpool variant), this move by Hot Wheels captures another obscure comic vehicle once again. This one however, features Thanos himself, piloting the helicopter. It comes packaged in its own Cosmic Cube (Tesseract) and will be available at next month’s Comic Con in San Diego. Pre-orders for this vehicle start Tuesday via — but those must be picked up at the show.

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