HW Hot Trucks (2018 New Model): ’87 DODGE D100

Every year a new Hot Wheels model sneaks up on you as a collector and you manage to fall in love with another Hot Wheels casting. For me, that model is the #2018 New Model #’87 Dodge D100 from the #HW Hot Trucks Series. When it was first revealed via the 2018 mainline list that this would be a new casting, the name alone did nothing for me. I was never a fan of ’80s automotive design so, at most, I thought we would get another boxy truck, like the ’83 Silverado — thinking positive here.

Fortunately, that changed when I finally saw images of the #’87 Dodge D100. A ticket holder from April’s Hot Wheels Nationals Convention in Dallas posted pictures of the FEP (Final Engineering Product) that Mattel had on display. Then the Lamley Group did an exclusive video with Brendon Vetuskey — designer of this casting — and hearing Brendon explain it brought back all kinds of childhood nostalgia.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’87 Dodge D100 from the 2018 HW Hot Trucks Series … also part of the 2018 New Models (side view)

The first thing you will notice on the Hot Wheels #’87 Dodge D100 is what Brendon refers to as the “negative rake”. Typically, in the Hot Wheels world, most cars come with the “standard rake” where the rear wheels are larger than the front, lifting the back end up and pushing the nose closer to the ground. In this case, all four wheels are the same size, but the negative rake in the chassis lifts the front of the vehicle up. This truck epitomizes the Hot Wheels brand’s custom approach along with the #Off-Road Vehicle spirit — it even comes with a spare wheel molded into the bed (as part of the window piece).

Speaking of the wheels, have you noticed this one comes with standard #5-Spoke Wheels?

Well, if you watched the video from the Lamley Group that I mentioned above, you’ll hear Brendon say that the original plan called for the #’87 Dodge D100 to wear off-road wheels. The truck’s wheel base did not allow for it to wear those wheels and still fit on the orange track, so the off-road wheels were scrapped in favor of these skinny, large 5-spoke wheels — while, the molded off-road wheel in the back remained.

Judging a casting by its #First Edition release can be tricky as sometimes a favorable graphic design can be the reason you fancy it so much. I don’t believe that to be the case with the #’87 Dodge D100 and me, but man, I am all in on this design. The graphics were designed by Hot Wheels Graphic Designer, Jerry Thienprasiddhi and they evoke all kinds of ’80s nostalgia. With the yellow, red and black graphic pattern, this truck looks straight out of a 1980’s rally, especially since the Dodge and Hot Wheels logos match the ones from that era.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’87 Dodge D100 from the 2018 HW Hot Trucks Series … also part of the 2018 New Models (scenic view, mountain)

Evoking nostalgia is a powerful thing and its pretty much the reason adults collect Hot Wheels in the first place. This #’87 Dodge D100 reminded me of all the Hot Wheels #Trucks I had in the ’80s — especially one of my favorites that I have showcased in the Jeep Scrambler. I was always playing with these trucks in the sandbox, and in the dirt, and that was the first thing I wanted to do when I saw the D100. If we had digital cameras back then, I’m sure I would have had some crazy imaginative shots of all these vintage vehicles, but we didn’t, so that inspired me to recreate some of these shots (from memory) using the new D100.

The #HW Hot Trucks Series #’87 Dodge D100 is just hitting stores now as part of the #2018 Hot Wheels “M” case assortments. I was fortunately to find mine at the end of June in a Walmart sidekick, but cases of these should be hitting all over now. Its one of the best new models for 2018, so don’t let this one pass you by. Let me know in the comments below where this one hits you on the nostalgia scale.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: White Enamel Body (metal). Dark Tinted Windows. Black Interior. Red-Chrome 5-Spoke (5SP) Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# FJV65. Released in 2018 as #9 of 10 in the HW Hot Trucks Series, also part of the 2018 New Models (#275/365 in the 2018 mainline).

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  1. I love it! I had a black 84 Dodge W100 (4×4) with big wheels, roll bar, all that stuff. And I had Rod Hall graphics on the sides, so this one scores for me. Should see it locally about April of 2019. (!!Q@#$#%!!!)

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