Action Comics #1, The First Appearance of Superman; NOW Immortalized in Hot Wheels form for SDCC

6/19/2018 — In exactly one month, the 2018 San Diego Comic Con kicks off on July 19. Over the last several years, Hot Wheels has stepped up their pop-culture game by showcasing their #Pop Culture, #Replica Entertainment, and #Character Cars lines, as well as other #TV & Movie Car mainline releases at the event.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we now have our first look at the first #SDCC Exclusive to be unveiled for this year’s event: Hot Wheels DC Superman Action Comics No. 1. Its the recreation of that — now famousfirst appearance of Superman, now immortalized in Hot Wheels form.

This superb multi-level packaging — which is now the new norm for Hot Wheels SDCC Exclusives — is a replica of that original cover where Superman is lifting away a green sedan, enroute to saving the innocent bystanders of Metropolis. It features a new Hot Wheels “Action Sedan” casting licensed by DC Comics and a miniature plastic Superman. It will retail for $20 at the event.

Image courtesy of Mattel.

Image courtesy of Mattel.

Image courtesy of Mattel.

Image courtesy of Mattel.







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