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NEW! McDonald’s Hot Wheels 8-Car Set for 2017

02/22/2017 — McDonald’s is once again releasing Hot Wheels (along with Barbie) in its Happy Meals. It looks like they are slated for a March release. In typical McDonald’s fashion, these Hot Wheels mimic the ones made by Mattel. Since they are made specifically for McDonald’s, the castings are slightly different […]

New 8-car series: Lamborghini

02/22/2017 — A new 8-car themed assortment for Lamborghini will be released this summer (exclusively at Walmart) to honor the brand’s 45th Anniversary. It should be a great series for #Lamborghini fans everywhere and marks the return of the Hot Wheels Lamborghini Countach. It was the first Lamborghini Hot Wheels produced, […]

Kmart Collector’s Day coming February 18

02/03/2016 — As we reported a couple weeks ago, the first Kmart Collector’s Day for the year will be Saturday, February 18th at 9:00AM (local time). The event has received mix reviews over its 13 year run as some poorly run events have led to unequal case distribution between stores, […]

List of 2017 Hot Wheels 5-PACKS — FINAL!

01/04/2017 – Much like the Official List of 2017 Mainline Vehicles, Hot Wheels released the names and contents of the first 8 (of the scheduled 15) 5-Packs for 2017. Keep checking back as we will fill you in with the remaining 7 here, when the information becomes available. UPDATED 08/31/2017 […]