Your Guide to the 31st Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention, UPDATED 10/8

LAST UPDATED 10/08/2017 at 3:52PM PST

10/03/2017 — The 31st installment of the Hot Wheels Collectors Convention kicks off tomorrow in Los Angeles. The convention will serve as the kickoff to the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary as 2018 Hot Wheels mainline cars are hitting stores now, with many more specialty lines on the way. You can be sure that the folks at Mattel have some great things planned for 2018 and OTD will be there reporting the latest news from the convention floor. Keep checking back here for the latest information (down below) and follow @orangetrackdiecast on Instagram (and on Facebook) for the latest images from Thursday through Saturday.

Below is the list of the souvenir cars. We will update this section and the news below, as the convention progresses, until Sunday. For the list of events, check out the Convention’s web site >> HERE.


  • The spot for the sale of the RLC Exclusive Car (Mustang Boss Hoss) has yet to be determined. In Pittsburgh it was available outside the souvenir sales room from 10AM-2:30PM, on Friday & Saturday… expect a similar situation.
  • In addition to the schedule of events, The Lamley Group will be holding a special Diecast Liberation Movement (DLM) Party & Giveaway on Saturday, Oct 7 @ 12 PM in the Autograph Room.
  • Notable omissions from this years autograph signings: Jun Imai, Mark Jones & Ryu Asada.
  • Wednesday night saw the first autograph session of the week. Among the designers signing tonight was Senior Packaging Designer, Julian Koiles who had his work from the upcoming Entertainment / Forza Series, and the Car Culture / Cars & Donuts (2017) and Japan Historics 2 (2018) Series. With the JH2 series, you can see the increased card size which now looks to be the size of the Pop Culture cards. Video was shot by @hotwheelsbymoe on Instagram.

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  • A new ’83 Silverado was spotted at today’s autograph signing in the new Walmart Exclusive display case which will retail in Fall 2018. Hot Wheels Designer, Eric Han confirmed that this will be the exclusive car with the case, but with Real Riders.
  • 2018 RLC Membership car will be the Datsun 510 Bluebird with Neo-Classic Real Riders.
  • A new 5-Car box set will be sold on It will contain the “6th car” for all of the 2017 Car Culture series.
  • The finale car is the ’66 Chevelle — first time as a convention car for this casting that originally appeared in the 2011 Vintage Racing line.

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