Walgreens Exclusive ’78 Dodge Li’l Red Express

09/15/2017 — Much like last year’s 2016 HW Hot Hot Trucks Dodge Ram 1500 in blue, Hot Wheels has inconspicuously released another #Walgreens Exclusive #Dodge #Truck for this year. The 2017 HW Hot Trucks ’78 Dodge Li’l Red Express started showing up around the first week of September (much like last year), however, where the two releases (a year apart) seem to differ is that the 2016 Ram showed up in the latest “N” case mini-shippers whereas this year’s Li’l Red Express is showing up in the older “L” case mini-shippers. So the next time you stop at Walgreens, don’t overlook the older stock as this exclusive could be hanging there with it.

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