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HWC Special Edition BLOWN DELIVERY goes on sale tomorrow!

06/12/2017 — The long-awaited #Blown Delivery (BD) wearing a vintage Phillips 66 deco goes on sale tomorrow, June 13 — exactly 100 years after Phillips Petroleum was incorporated. This BD was shown to the attendees of the 17th Annual Hot Wheels Nationals Convention in Pittsburgh in April. Collectors […]

FORZA MOTORSPORT series coming soon!

06/05/2017 — Hot Wheels is once again dabbling in its #FORZA Motorsport license as it brings to retail a brand-new series of 7 cars — well, technically 6 + 1 #Chase car. This comes in addition to last year’s #Entertainment line Forza series and also to the various […]

Hot Wheels goes Skyline crazy for 2018!

06/02/2017 — Holy Smokes! Hot Wheels is officially blasting into 2018 with several #Datsun/Nissan #Skyline castings. Its unclear on how these will all be introduced but we do know at least a couple will debut in the #Car Culture line. These are all in addition the the already, […]

New 6-car series: Despicable Me MINIONS

05/27/2017 — Minion-mania will finally hit the Hot Wheels brand as six vehicles will wear your favorite Twinkie-shaped creatures from the Despicable Me movies. With the new Despicable Me 3 movie being released on June 30, you can bet you’ll see these in the next month or so, as they […]

Hot Wheels 2017 Mainline “M” Case Unboxing

05/16/2017 — Our guy Muazli Marzuki on YouTube has once again scored the latest case of Hot Wheels — the “M” Case Assortment. Him and the other collectors in Malaysia (the home country of the mainline factory) can expect to see these showing up at retail soon. With thousands of views on […]

List of 2017 Hot Wheels Halloween Series

04/25/2017 — Halloween is over 6 months away but that hasn’t stopped at least 8 of the 2017 Hot Wheels Halloween Series vehicles from showing up on Ebay. Donning a brand-new wheel, the “Skull” wheel, these vehicles are already destined to be different from years past. As of now, we […]