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FORZA MOTORSPORT series coming soon!

06/05/2017 — Hot Wheels is once again dabbling in its #FORZA Motorsport license as it brings to retail a brand-new series of 7 cars — well, technically 6 + 1 #Chase car. This comes in addition to last year’s #Entertainment line Forza series and also to the various […]

Hot Wheels goes Skyline crazy for 2018!

06/02/2017 — Holy Smokes! Hot Wheels is officially blasting into 2018 with several #Datsun/Nissan #Skyline castings. Its unclear on how these will all be introduced but we do know at least a couple will debut in the #Car Culture line. These are all in addition the the already, […]

New 6-car series: Despicable Me MINIONS

05/27/2017 — Minion-mania will finally hit the Hot Wheels brand as six vehicles will wear your favorite Twinkie-shaped creatures from the Despicable Me movies. With the new Despicable Me 3 movie being released on June 30, you can bet you’ll see these in the next month or so, as they […]