New Pop Culture Series: Star Wars Bounty Hunters

09/05/2017 — Floating around social media last week were images of 5 (of the 6) new cars from the Hot Wheels #Pop Culture Star Wars Bounty Hunters Series — which appear to have originated from Carl’s Car Shack on Facebook. Obviously the new ’60s Ford Econoline Pickup with be the hot item in this mix being that it is a new casting and wearing Boba Fett graphics. Also appearing is the long-awaited, second release of the #’07 Chevy Silverado Off-Road. I had refrained from posting this list until I knew what the 6th car was, so now that I have the complete list, here it is for you below.

Pop Culture / Star Wars Bounty Hunters Series

  1. ’60s Ford Econoline Pickup (Boba Fett)
  2. Deco Delivery (Bossk)
  3. ’70 Chevelle Delivery (IG-88)
  4. ’07 Chevy Silverado Off-Road (Zuckuss)
  5. ’64 GMC Panel (4-Lom)
  6. Ford Transit Super Van (Dengar)

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  1. It’s so interesting to see how Star Wars has not only become such a huge part of our culture but created one of its’ own as well. My kids love Star Wars, so I’ve been looking around for something to give them as a reward for doing well in school. I think they would love something like this!

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