Thor: Ragnarok 5-Pack hitting pegs now!

09/29/2017 — There is a new 5-Pack that seems to be hitting Walmart stores across the United States today — the Thor: Ragnarok 5-Pack — with confirmed finds in Asheville, NC and Houston, TX. Hot Wheels collector, Jason Harding (from Asheville) was gracious enough to allow me to share his find today. Most notably, the #Aristo Rat and #Night Shifter make their 5-Pack debut, and look great in these new color schemes. Below is the list of vehicles in this 5-Pack — which I believe may be a #Walmart Exclusive, and the first one for 2018.

Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok 5-Pack

  • Aristo Rat
  • Night Shifter
  • Rodger Dodger
  • Rockster
  • Cool-One
Orange Track Diecast

Property of Jason Harding, used with permission.

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