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NEW 8-Car Set: Camaro Fifty

10/18/2016 — A new 8-car set that has long been speculated has finally been revealed as the Camaro Fifty (or 50th Anniversary of the Camaro) set. The set will be a Walmart Exclusive in 2017 and feature the 8 Camaro castings below. Camaro Fifty Series ’67 Camaro [PIC] ’69 Camaro [PIC] […]

NEW 8-car set: Ghostbusters

09/04/2016 — A couple weeks ago we saw an Instagram post from Hot Wheels that showcased some new 2016/2017 cars at an event for friends and family. In that post, we saw what looked like a white #Bread Box with the Ghostbusters logo & Slimer on it. It turns […]