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New Hot Wheels Pop Culture: Peanuts

08/08/2016 — The folks at Carl’s Car Shack unveiled one of the latest Hot Wheels Pop Culture series: Peanuts. The Peanuts characters and Hot Wheels are no strangers to each other as they have been done before in previous years of the #Pop Culture line. This mix is slated for […]

New 8-car set: Star Wars Planets

07/25/2016 — Over the weekend we saw a variety of reveals at the San Diego Comic Con which was a full display of the licensed product that Hot Wheels now has to offer. The galactic alliance with #Star Wars has been fruitful and will produce another 8-car series […]

New Hot Wheels 5-Packs released

07/04/2016 — Found these new 5-packs yesterday in the back corner of a small toy store. For fans of #Unlicensed Hot Wheels cars, they’re great, but if you love the more realistic licensed cars, you should probably just continue on with #ViperWeek. Check out the new 5-packs in […]

List of Hot Wheels 2016 Mail-In Promotions

06/20/2016 — Hot Wheels is once again partnering with the big box retailers to offer promotional vehicles for buying cars at retail. Kmart and Toys R Us are the mail-in retailers where you send in receipts and card-backs for mainline Hot Wheels cars totaling $20. Walmart is offering […]