Heritage / Real Riders: ’07 CHEVY SILVERADO 4×4

Last year’s Hot Wheels #Heritage line was great on so many levels. Centered around alternating waves of #Real Riders and #Redlines, collectors of both wheel styles gobbled these up. Retailing at the $3 price point, the casting selection was spot on and all featured metal bodies & bases.

One of the (if not the most) popular releases in this 36-car line was a brand-new casting, the ’07 Chevy Silverado 4×4. Based off of the ’07 Chevy Silverado, this #Lifted Truck is not the same casting with a metal #Off-Road Vehicle base thrown on it. The 4×4 is noticeably shorter and not as wide as the lowered version. You can see this below.

Orange Track Diecast

Both Hot Wheels ’07 Chevy Silverado castings. Lowered version (with the motorcycle in the back) and the Off-Road 4×4 version.

So while the new 4×4 casting came up a tad “short” in terms of size, it really has no effect on the overall appeal of it. Face it, pretty much any Hot Wheels truck with off-road real riders is hot right now and this truck just fuels the fire. This release instantly saw a higher price on the secondary market as most were going for twice the retail price when these first hit. Several months later, the prices on this release continue to rise as its getting harder to find a carded one for under $10. So far this is the only release of the 4×4 casting as this year’s Car Culture release is the lowered version and is the return of the motorcycle in the back.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Dark Red Body (metal). Tinted Windows. Black Interior. Chrome Off-Road Slotted Wheels with Real Riders. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Malaysia. Toy# CFN54. Released in 2015 as #12 of 18 in the Heritage / Real Riders Series.

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