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Hot Wheels cars have been around since 1968 and feature a wide-array of licensed and unlicensed vehicles.

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On the Rise: Why is the premium Hot Wheels HONDA ODYSSEY increasing in value?

Like you, I often see other collectors selling Hot Wheels via their social media outlets, on eBay, or at in-person events. I come across listings & prices that seem absurd — and in most cases, they are. Regretfully, I spend a lot of time looking these items up […]

Orange Track Diecast

HWOTD // Cool Classics: ’65 FORD GALAXIE

Hot Wheels of the Day ’65 Ford Galaxie Cool Classics Series 2 RELEASE YEAR: 2014 • CASTING DESIGNER: Jun Imai The Hot Wheels #’65 Ford Galaxie is one of those castings that had a great run before the casting even became popular with collectors. From the casting’s inception […]