Sneak Peeks from Saturday Night’s Hot Wheels Convention FINALE in Dallas

4/8/2018 — One of the events Hot Wheels convention goers look forward to most is the Finale. This Saturday night spectacle serves as a wrap up to convention week where award winners are announced, “thank yous” are said, and ticket holders get a free car — this year, was the first time you could purchase a second thru a pre-sale months earlier. The car itself is always a surprise, and let just say attendees were quite satisfied with this year’s car.

Among the highlights of the Finale is the Sneak Peek slideshow that Mattel brings to showcase some of their upcoming Hot Wheels product. A special thanks goes out to Bruce Nesslage for capturing these great images of the slideshow and to Tim Callo for trying (*coughs* Andy Wu…). Without further ado, here is what was shown…

Hot Wheels 2018 Mainline (Basics)

’17 Audi RS6 Avant (“M” case) designed by Ryu Asada

Jimmy Liu’s Prius… not really happening… outside of Jimmy’s head.

Lamborghini Countach Pace Car (“K” case)

Recolor of the Classic ’55 Nomad Brendon Vetuskey retooled (“Q” case).

Zoom In designed by Dmitriy Shakhmatov (Dima) … allows for you to attach your GoPro.

Recolor of the Volkswagen T2 Pickup designed by Jun Imai, deco done by Jerry T.

’87 Dodge D100 designed by Brendon Vetuskey

Recolor of “Q” case Kool Kombi

Recolor of “Q” case Mooneyes ’10 Pro Stock Camaro

Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile (“L” case) designed by Manson Cheung

Recolor of ’18 Camaro SS in blue

Recolor of the ’17 Jeep Wrangler designed by Phil Riehlman

’19 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss LT (“N” case) designed by Dima.

2018 Ford Mustang GT designed by Brendon.

’18 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon designed by Brendon … look for special features inside.

HW 50th Race Team Ultimate Chase Car, the Bone Shaker.

Hot Wheels 2019 Mainline (Basics)

Fifteen52 Fairlady 2000

Nissan GT-R R32

’15 Land Rover Defender Double Cab

Mercedes-Benz Unimog 1300 designed by Dima.

First Super Treasure Hunt of 2019, the ’90 Honda Civic EF … using a brand-new Spectraflame which all Supers in 2019 will use. The paint is over plated bodies similar to what the classics used.

Themed Assortments

’71 Plymouth Road Runner (MOPAR series)

Dixie Challenger (MOPAR series)

Custom ’77 Dodge Van (MOPAR series)

’32 Ford (Disney, Steamboat Willie)

’40 Ford Coupe (Disney, Fantasia)

’29 Ford Pick Up (Ford Trucks Assortment)

’85 Ford Bronco (Ford Trucks Assortment)

Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) (Gran Turismo Assortment)

’08 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (Gran Turismo Assortment)

McLaren F1 GTR (Gran Turismo Assortment)

Replica Entertainment

Punisher Van (Marvel series). 8-Piece Car: Mini Gun rotates, Rocket Launcher slide out, and Battering Ram articulates out.

Ghost Rider Charger (Marvel series) with removable flame pieces.

Deadpool Chimichanga Truck (Marvel series) with extensive deco done by Steve Vandervate.

AMC Rebel Machine (FORZA series)

BMW 2002 (FORZA series)

Nissan Silvia S15 (FORZA series) designed by Jimmy Liu & Mark Jones with a rumored “Baby Seat” in the backseat.

Pop Culture

Deco Delivery (Disney, Fantasia)

’55 Chevy Panel (Disney, Jungle Book)

Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus (Disney, Snow White)

Car Culture

Volkswagen Caddy (Shop Trucks) … first use of a diecast base for this casting.

Subaru Brat (Shop Trucks)

Custom ’62 Chevy Truck (Shop Trucks)

Steve Caballero’s ’60s Ford Econoline Pickup (Shop Trucks)

’83 Chevy Silverado (Shop Trucks)

Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe (Circuit Legends)

’69 COPO Corvette (Circuit Legends)

Porsche 962 with ADVAN livery (Circuit Legends)

’16 Ford GT with EcoBoost livery (Circuit Legends)

Mazda 787B (Circuit Legends) with tilt-up back

More great card artwork by Julian Koiles.

’66 Super Nova (Dragstrip Demons)

’65 Mercury Comet Cyclone (Dragstrip Demons) with nod to American Psycho with this American Psychlone deco.

’65 Dodge Coronet (Dragstrip Demons)

’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser (Dragstrip Demons)

Car Culture – Team Transport 

Retailing at $13, at Target, Walmart and Hobby Stores.

Sakura Sprinter with Nissan Laurel (GReddy)

Volkswagen T1 Transporter Pick Up with Porsche Speedster (Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw)

Carry On with Nissan Skyline Van (ADVAN)

50th Anniversary Releases

Retail Product … poster can be found HERE.

Lionel Train Set coming this summer ($399.99) (HWC) and the Red Line Club (RLC) releases

’17 Ford Raptor with diecast opening hood and tailgate and licensed Fifteen52 wheels.

Gas Monkey Garage Hi-Po Hauler from Discovery Channel’s Fast ‘N Loud

Volkswagen T1 Rockster

Silhouette (Original 16, solo release)

Cheetah (Original 16, set release)

The Hot Wheels Original 16 Set has officially been announced…

…limited to 1500 pieces.

And Finally, a tribute to the white enamel Custom Camaro

Hot Wheels Legends 50th Anniversary Tour announced. Starting in LA April 28th, it will have 15 stops in the United States (one being Dallas) and from each stop, one car will be chosen to bring to SEMA in Las Vegas. This is will be “NEW ORIGINAL 16” for the next 50 years and one of those 16 cars will be made into an official Hot Wheels car. Judges will be from the Hot Wheels Design Team and local celebrities.

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