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New 8-car set: Gran Turismo

04/05/2016 — Once again, Walmart will be stocking Hobby dealers will be carrying another exclusive Hot Wheels series — Gran Turismo! This sure to be popular series is awesome on so many levels and you can bet we will feature a good majority of the cars here at Diecast […]

Hot Wheels finalizes 2016 mainline list!

03/21/2016 — The final Hot Wheels 2016 mainline list update is located >> HERE <<. It includes four previously unannounced new castings — The Futurismo, Night Shifter, ’69 Corvette Racer and Tour de Fast. The final revisions are as follows: HW Race Team: Futurismo & Night Shifter added […]

New 8-car set: Ford Performance

03/15/2016 — Hot Wheels has once again released a new 8-car series. This time it features all Ford Mustangs under the series name of Ford Performance. Its unclear at this time where this series will pop up, but we have already started seeing the images surface. UPDATE 06/03/2016: The […]