New 10-car series, Hot Wheels Racing Circuit, showing up at Walmart

04/17/2017 — The new 10-car Hot Wheels Racing Circuit series has started to hit Walmart stores already. These were originally slated to replace the Vintage American Muscle series in June/July but it appears they shipped early. All 10 vehicles feature #Hot Wheels Race Team graphics, however, only 2 feature that beloved race team metalflake blue paint as the other 8 are red, silver, black or white (2 cars per color). Below is the list of the 10 vehicles in this series, and their color. These are set to retail at $2.14 in the United States.

Hot Wheels Racing Circuit

  1. ’10 Pro Stock Camaro (white)
  2. ’71 Buick Riviera (blue)
  3. ’70 Pontiac Firebird (white)
  4. Ford Falcon Race Car (silver)
  5. ’69 Pontiac GTO (black)
  6. Buick Grand National (black)
  7. ’15 Shelby GT-500 Super Snake (silver)
  8. Deora II (blue)
  9. ’69 Corvette (red)
  10. ’92 Mustang (red)

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