List of 2017 Hot Wheels Halloween Series

04/25/2017 — Halloween is over 6 months away but that hasn’t stopped at least 8 of the 2017 Hot Wheels Halloween Series vehicles from showing up on Ebay. Donning a brand-new wheel, the “Skull” wheel, these vehicles are already destined to be different from years past. As of now, we have no idea where these will be showing up as traditionally the Halloween series has been exclusive to a certain retailer (or retailers). Bookmark this page, and keep checking back as we will update the information as soon as it becomes available. Last year, the Halloween series started showing up at retail as early as late July. The list of the known vehicles is as follows:

2017 Hot Wheels Halloween

  • ’49 Ford F1 (black)
  • ’71 Plymouth Satellite (gold)
  • Olds 442 Off-Road (light blue)
  • Muscle Tone (purple)
  • Zotic (zamac)
  • Scorcher (orange)
  • Great Gatspeed (black)
  • Ratical Racer (red)

UPDATE 07/10/2017 — Picture added.

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