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The Hot Wheels Entertainment Line has been known by three different names over its multi-year run. Its first year (2013) it was known as “Retro Entertainment”. Following that was just “Entertainment” (2014-2016). Since 2017, the line has been known as “Replica Entertainment”. The line focuses on bringing vehicles from TV, Movies, Comic Books and Video Games into diecast form.

The story behind the Gran Turismo Nissans and where these Hot Wheels are now

#Replica Entertainment has produced some stellar recreations of #TV & Movie Cars since the line’s inception in 2013 as the “Retro Entertainment” line. In 2016 though, the line made a momentary shift to also include vehicles from popular racing videos games. The last two mixes for the year […]

Orange Track Diecast

Replica Entertainment / Marvel: SPIDER-MOBILE

If you’ve been reading the segments I’ve been doing on the #2018 Hot Wheels #Replica Entertainment / #Marvel series, you’ll know that I fancy these four models from the mix — Milano, not so much. With full showcase articles on the Deadpool Chimichanga Truck and Punisher Van, its […]

Orange Track Diecast

Replica Entertainment / Marvel: PUNISHER VAN

What do you think of the new, Hot Wheels #Replica Entertainment / #Marvel series? For me, it was my favorite Replica Entertainment series of the year. We saw three modified “new” tools (#Punisher Van, Deadpool’s Chimichanga Truck & Ghost Rider Charger), one made its retail debut (Spider-Mobile), and […]