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Orange Track Diecast

HWOTD // Car Culture / Modern Classics: RENAULT 5 TURBO

Hot Wheels of the Day Renault 5 Turbo Car Culture / Modern Classics RELEASE YEAR: 2017 Bring back the #Renault 5 Turbo! I’ve developed a little but of an affinity for the car after recently playing a racing game, and then subsequently seeing a 1:1 on the road. […]

Orange Track Diecast

HWOTD // Real Riders: PORSCHE 917K

Hot Wheels of the Day Porsche 917K Real Riders RELEASE YEAR: 2005 • CASTING DESIGNER: Larry Wood In 2005, it was Kmart stores that catered to the Hot Wheels collector. There were three Kmart Collector Events a year (at the time), and #Kmart Exclusive Hot Wheels nostalgic lines. […]