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These are vehicles with “68” on them. A popular number used by Hot Wheels as 1968 was the year in which they were first released.

Orange Track Diecast

Monster Jam / Epic Additions: HOT WHEELS MONSTER TRUCK

Have you heard? 2018 is the last year for Hot Wheels and #Monster Jam. Starting in the 2019 model year, Monster Jam will be produced by a Canadian toy and entertainment company called, Spin Master. This is obviously a blow to those of us who collect Hot Wheels […]

Orange Track Diecast

2011 Treasure Hunts: ’57 CHEVY

The reason I started this site nearly two years ago was to #Showcase my collection. But that wasn’t it … it was also about sharing #News and telling cool stories about Hot Wheels, all while injecting personal experiences from my 20+ years of collecting on occasion. Every so often, I don’t have […]

Orange Track Diecast

Scavenger Hunt Special Edition: MAELSTROM

The last couple years, Hot Wheels has been releasing Scavenger Hunt Special Editions as #Kroger Exclusives. Not to be confused with #Treasure Hunts, these Scavenger Hunt vehicles are usually tied into a promotion at Kroger stores and its subsidiaries. Packaged in the normal mainline cases, these cars are not tied […]

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The Hot Wheels IZOD IndyCar Series was another line that was spottily released. Target carried the line for a short-while in addition to some smaller retailers domestically and internationally. Its unfortunate as this line featured this Honda IndyCar casting with Authentic Racing Decos and Firestone Firehawk Real Rider Tires. […]