List of 2017 Hot Wheels Car Culture Assortments – ALL 5 MIXES!

12/15/2016 — With 2017 only days away the premium product lines for Hot Wheels are revealing themselves. With that said, we have uncovered a list of all 5 #Car Culture mixes for this year’s line. While we knew the previous 4 mixes courtesy of the convention in October, the 5th (and possibly the most enigmatic … drift series perhaps? car show?) has finally been revealed. Below is the list of segments, and the cars, we know so far. Bookmark this page, and check back as we will update the list as soon as the information becomes available.

HW Redliners – MIX 1

  1. ’68 Mercury Cougar
  2. ’70 Dodge Charger R/T
  3. ’68 COPO Camaro
  4. ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser
  5. ’69 Corvette Racer
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Air-Cooled – MIX 2

  1. Custom Volkswagen Beetle
  2. Custom ’69 Volkswagen Squareback
  3. Porsche 356A
  4. Volkswagen SP2
  5. ’60s Fiat 500D Modificado (NEW TOOL!)
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Race Day – MIX 3

Modern Classics – MIX 4

Cars & Donuts – MIX 5

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