There is officially 10 days left until Christmas, and if you are in the same boat I am every year of finding it easier to buy Hot Wheels presents to yourself versus gifts for others, I feel for you. So to remind you that today is the 15th of December, here is the #15 Happy Holidays #Volkswagen Brasilia from the 2015 #Holiday Hot Rods series.

As a retail-specific basic release, this car could only be found at Walmart. As a #Walmart Exclusive, these had series specific dump bins made to hold all 6 of the Holiday Hot Rods for that year. Of this batch that also included the Island Hopper, ’67 Custom Mustang, ’10 Ford Shelby GT500 Supersnake, GT-03 and the Gangster Grin, this gold #VW Brasilia seemed to steal the show. Thats not to say that it was hoarded, or even sold out quickly, as I can personally account for finding these at the bottom of older dump bins throughout early to mid-2016. However, most times, a car doesn’t have to sell out quickly for it to be cool. Sometimes, its a while later, that collectors find out how cool a release truly was.

Some collectors tend to dislike the seasonal and licensed mixes of Hot Wheels as they tend to be graphics heavy, but this release of the Brasilia is a great example of being a graphic-saturated release thats still plenty tasteful. First, the gold metalflake paint catches the light in all kinds of ways. That is in addition to the #15 “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” racing scheme satisfies in the visually-appealing department. Also, that drab olive green interior is a nice touch as can’t think of any Hot Wheels release wearing that same color, making it pretty unique.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Gold Body (metal). Clear Windows. Olive Green Interior. Red-Chrome PR5 Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# CFV15. Released in 2015 as #5 of 6 in the Walmart Exclusive, Holiday Hot Rods series.

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