Drift Race Series (2015 New Model): DRIFTSTA

It pains me to say, but sometimes it takes a super #Treasure Hunt release of an #Unlicensed Hot Wheels casting for collectors to take notice of it. It pains me even more to say that I dismissed the Hot Wheels Driftsta before I saw the 2016 super treasure hunt release of it as well. Thankfully, the coolness of this casting hasn’t went mainstream yet as I was able to find both colorways of last year’s Drift Race Series (2015 New Model) release hanging on the pegs of local Walgreens while I was searching for all the goodies they’ve had as of late.

Collectors have been slowly learning to not leave Jun Imai designed castings behind as he has been in the Hot Wheels designing zone as of late. When he is not bringing his own personal cars to to Hot Wheels brand, he is designing unlicensed gems like this.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Driftsta from the 2015 HW Workshop / Drift Race Series … Both Colorways

Wide-bodied and low to the ground, the Hot Wheels Driftsta is a #Drift Car that sure looks like it could win some competitions just based on looks alone. Just look at the way the front fenders rise above the hood, you can bet that if this thing had an engine, it would be set back a little ways to the give this car 50/50 weight distribution making it ideal for drifting. The roof rack looks as though it might serve as an additional spoiler and/or added weight to keep the down-force of the car strong while it rips around the race track. Of course, being designed by Jun, you can see his name on the hood and the sides, along with the #Speedhunters logo on the roof.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked details of this car is the front bumper — or lack there of. If there is anything Jun should be known for, he should be known for instilling character upon his Hot Wheels designs. That character can be delivered through a variety of details and on this one, it takes reading the back of this blister card of this release to realize that: “The front bumper is missing from cutting the corners too close.”

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Light Blue Body (metal). Light Blue Tinted Windows. Gray Interior. Gray 5-Spoke (5SP) Wheels. White Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# CFH23. Released in 2015 as part of the HW Workshop and #3 of 5 in the Drift Race Series (also a 2015 New Model).

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: White Body (metal). Tinted Windows. Black Interior. Chrome 5-Spoke (5SP) Wheels. Light Blue Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# CFL38. Released in 2015 as part of the HW Workshop and #3 of 5 in the Drift Race Series (also a 2015 New Model).

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