Those of you that read our articles everyday may notice the Racing Stocker we have today looks strikingly similar to another car we featured on the blog last year. Wearing the same paint scheme as the Hot Wheels Racing Select: ’81 Buick Regal Stocker, the Racing Stocker was released 18 years earlier in the original #Hot Ones series. The familiar #11 Mountain Dew paint scheme is a replica of Darrel Waltrip’s Buick Stocker from the 1983 NASCAR season. Obviously the authentic car from 2001 looks better as it is more detailed in every aspect, but this 1983 Hot Ones release is a Hot Wheels classic!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’81 Buick Regal Stocker and the NASCAR/Mountain Dew/Racing Stocker with similar #11 Darrel Waltrip Mountain Dew paint schemes.

Being that I was born in 1983, I am not able to share my perspective of the obtainability of this release. Judging by the quantity of this release currently on secondary sale sites and how often they pop up, I’m venturing to guess the #11 Mountain Dew Racing Stocker was quite easy to find back in the day. Now the tricky part is finding all the variations of this release!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Racing Stocker from The Hot Ones (1983) in #11 featuring a Mountain Dew paint scheme. Also called NASCAR Stocker and Mountain Dew Stocker.

Over the course of this release of the casting in 1983, the green in the #Mountain Dew graphics can vary from a light green to a dark green. I believe the one I have pictured came out at the very beginning of its 1983 run as the green seems to be a balance of the two extremes. In addition to the color variations, the base read three different names: Racing Stocker, Mountain Dew Stocker and NASCAR Stocker. When this casting was finally released three years later, it was once again known by a new name. The casting’s final release came in 1986 under the name Stock Rocket and was the only release of this casting to wear a different paint scheme.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: White Body (metal). Dark Tinted Windows. Black Interior. Gold Hot Ones (HO) Wheels. Unpainted Metal Base w/ “RACING STOCKER” on it. Made in Malaysia. Toy# 3927. Released in 1983 as part of The Hot Ones series.

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