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Orange Track Diecast

Collection Update: Up-to-date on the Hot Wheels DRIFTSTA

The Hot Wheels #Driftsta is one of those #Unlicensed Hot Wheels — ala “Fantasy Cars” or “HW Original Designs” — that I’ve been drawn to. Its a relatively new casting as it made its debut in the #2015 Hot Wheels mainline. My acclaim for it grew when I […]

Orange Track Diecast


Chances are, you’ve seen at least one of the many “unboxing videos” done by collectors where they open up factory-sealed cases and show you whats inside. There have been so many of these and everyone seems to like them that collectors have even expanded these unboxing videos to boxes […]

Orange Track Diecast

Night Burnerz: DRIFTSTA

Sometimes, all it takes is some #Spectraflame Paint and some #Real Riders to really make an #Unlicensed Hot Wheels car stand out. Such was the case this year with the Driftsta released in the #Night Burnerz Series. The Hot Wheels #Driftsta casting quietly snuck onto the scene last […]