HW Race Team (2016 New Model): FORMULA FLASHBACK

Another #2016 New Model that is receiving positive feedback from the collectors is the brand-new Formula Flashback. This release marks its #First Edition and besides the fact that its in the #HW Race Team (2016) series which features the increasingly popular #Hot Wheels Race Team graphics, many collectors (myself included) are trying to figure out what its based off of.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Formula Flashback from the 2016 HW Race Team Series

Sure, knowing the designer is always helpful in establishing the background to a casting, but at this time, its unclear to which of these talented Hot Wheels designers, designed this piece. Sometimes, the best part of #Unlicensed Hot Wheels are guessing where the inspiration came from along with thinking of a back story. Hot Wheels designers have admitted in the past that they have designed castings with a story in mind — whether it be fictional or non-fictional.

So as I swing open the doors to the speculation room, lets try and think of what the background on this design may be. Given its appearance and its name, there are some strong ties to Formula 1 racing in the design. With the “flashback” part of the name, you would think there’s a strong chance that this would be some sort of vintage-inspired F1 car. While I may be missing something and it totally could be, I just don’t see the vintage in the design. So with influence ending there, lets try to think of the designer’s potential story when dissecting this unfamiliar casting.

The next two design elements that stand out are the large, flat spoiler and the rivets that look to hold all the panels together. It almost seems as these elements were pulled from aircraft design. Could this be a Formula 1 inspired, #Race Car built from a vintage airplane? Is that where the “flashback” in the name comes from? Was this car built for the drag strip versus the race track? Many questions remain with the Formula Flashback and they are ones we hope to fulfill with succeeding releases of this interesting casting.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Blue Body (metal). Chrome Interior. Red-Chrome 5-Spoke (5SP) Wheels. Dark Gray Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# DHN88. Released in 2016 as #8 of 10 in the HW Race Team Series.

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  1. looks like a lotus 76 to me, I got mine in “British Racing Green” with yellow and the number 8 up front

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