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Born in Taiwan, and grew up in Latin America, Leeway traveled extensively before he settled in Southern California. Received his Associate of Arts degree in Communication Design from International Fine Arts College in Miami, Florida and Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from California State University Fullerton. Leeway designed graphics in the apparel, action sports, feature film, web, advertising and print for 17 years before joining Mattel in 2007. At Mattel he was the lead softline designer for Boys Consumer Products for 5 years before moving over to the Wheels Packaging group as Staff Designer for Hot Wheels Adult Collector, Red Line Club and Premium toy lines. Currently he is the design manager for Hot Wheels Die Cast Graphics team.

Vehicle Decos:
2016: Dune Crusher (TH), Carbonic ($TH), Subaru WRX STi, SRT, Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo, Viper GTS-R, Corvette C7.R, 2011 Indy Oval Car, 2008 Lancer Evolution, Custom ’12 Ford Mustang, Bone Speeder, Bull Whip, Futurismo and Formula Flashback,
2015: Toyota Offroad Truck ($TH), Time Tracker (TH), Maximum Leeway, Subaru Brat, 1990 Honda Civic EF and Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon.
2014: Maximum Leeway (TH), Subaru WRX STi (TH), Subaru Impreza WRX, Toyota 2000GT, Mad Manga, Land Crusher, Slingshot, Nightburner (TH), Circle Tracker, 24Seven, F1 Racer, Fig Rig, Impavido 1 and Twinduction.
2013: Volkwagon T1 Drag Bus (RLC), Maximum Leeway, Time Tracker, Bad to the Blade (TH), Subaru WRX STi, Chevroletor, 2011 IndyCar, F1 Racer, Tarmac Attack, Dirty Outlaw, HW450F, 24 Ours, Nitro Doorslammer, Rennen Rig, Arrow Dynamic, Super Blitzen, Prototype H-24, Rescue Duty, Mig Rig and Blvd Bruiser.
2012: ’67 Chevelle SS 396 (TH), 2008 Lancer Evolution, Flight ’03, Acura NSX, 24Seven, ’71 Maverick Grabber (TH), ’70 Dodge Challenger Hemi, ’68 Nova, ’08 dodge Challenger SRT8, ’70 Ford Torino, Bone Shaker, ’70 Chevelle SS, ’67 Pontiac GTO and ’71 Dodge Demon.

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RED EDITION Tesla Model Y, LBWK Silvia, and Ford Escort RS2000 drop at Target; 2023 Hot Wheels “C” case impresses

Imagine walking into a Target one Saturday morning and finding a mini dump bin at the bottom of an end cap full of the latest Hot Wheels #Red Editions. That was my luck this past weekend as I scored what I am going to assume will be the […]

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HW Race Team (2019 New Model): CHRYSLER PACIFICA

When Hot Wheels makes mini-vans, they make them cool. This wave of modern #Vans differs from the paneled vans of years past. Rather, today’s Hot Wheels vans are either slammed, racing vehicles like the ’14 Honda Odyssey OR they are heavily-modded, 4×4 #Off-Road Vehicles. The #2019 New Models […]

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Speed Blur: ’92 FORD MUSTANG

The #2019 Hot Wheels #Speed Blur #’92 Mustang Super #Treasure Hunt seems like its been a long time coming. Why, you ask? Well, we will get to that in just a moment. First, I wanted to address the new #Spectraflame Paint that has been used on the 2019 […]

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The Hot Wheels #Speed Blur series is a brand-new segment for the #2019 Hot Wheels mainline. You may have heard of the Speed Blur 5-Pack which has started to hit stores, as the Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon included in that has piqued collector interest. This mainline series has […]

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How many times must we say it? Given the right graphics treatment, some of these less-than-popular #Unlicensed Hot Wheels can really stand out! After multiple colorway releases in the 2014 & 2015 mainline and a less-than-stellar Snow Stormers 5-Pack release earlier this year, the #Dune Crusher was released […]