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Orange Track Diecast

The next wave of Hot Wheels MYSTERY MODELS is here! A complete look at SERIES 3. Which cars stand out; which don’t.

I have to say, I have really enjoyed collecting the Hot Wheels #Mystery Models since the decision was made to shift to these themed waves/mixes. Starting in 2018 we saw mixes that were similar to current segments in the mainline:  HW Race Day (Series 1), HW Space (Series […]

Orange Track Diecast

TOP 10: HW Race Team (2016) Series

Finding the #Hot Wheels Race Team graphics on Hot Wheels releases can be like a scavenger hunt as they vary over the years and appear in many types of Hot Wheels lines. Fortunately, in the last couple years, we have been provided with a mainline series specifically for […]

Orange Track Diecast

HW Race Team (2016 New Model): FORMULA FLASHBACK

Another #2016 New Model that is receiving positive feedback from the collectors is the brand-new Formula Flashback. This release marks its #First Edition and besides the fact that its in the #HW Race Team (2016) series which features the increasingly popular #Hot Wheels Race Team graphics, many collectors […]