New 6-Car Series: WINTER 2017

11/7/2017 — It appears the annual Hot Wheels Holiday Series has shifted gears a little bit as the series will now feature 5 of 6 cars with “WINTER 2017” on them as oppose to saying, “Holiday”. While the series name may have changed, this series being another themed assortment at Walmart, hasn’t. And, as in years past, the series will also feature a New Years #Carbonator — this time for 2018.

Winter 2017 Series

  1. Scoopa Di Fuego [PIC]
  2. Super Blitzen [PIC]
  3. Fandango [PIC]
  4. Diesel Duty [PIC]
  5. Renan Rig [PIC]
  6. Carbonator [PIC]

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  1. Nice. Think I’ll let all the kiddo’s get these for Christmas. Just hope Walmart doesn’t overfill the bins and pegs with just these five. Still seeing Guardians and Camo with no movement. Urghhhh!

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