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SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy into outer space; with it goes a Tesla & its Hot Wheels counterpart

02/07/2018 — Toss it up to Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk being a showman, but he may be the first person to have officially launched a Hot Wheels car into space. No, that wasn’t the reason behind the Falcon Heavy being launched into space, but the fact that Musk […]

First wave of 2018 Walmart ZAMACs Revealed

01/11/2018 — The #Walmart Exclusive #ZAMACs are back for 2018, and the first three have been revealed courtesy of It looks as though these will be part of the #2018 Hot Wheels “E” case assortments which should be hitting stores very soon. One interesting thing to note is […]

Hot Wheels 2018 Mainline “F” Case Unboxing

12/19/2017 — Earlier today, @ShellUSJ7 on Instagram posted some 2018 “F” case finds. Now, our Malaysian friend, Muazli Marzuki has once again obtained this latest case of Hot Wheels mainline cars. Below are the contents he pulled. Breakdown of the contents shown in the video above: *NEW TO […]