Last two Hot Wheels 5-Packs hitting the pegs for 2017 — and the first for 2018!

11/22/2017 — For all the Hot Wheels completists out there — and those of us that collect #Unlicensed Hot Wheels — the last two Hot Wheels 5-Packs (for 2017) are out as evidenced by my recent trip to Target. While the Dino Riders 5PK and the Track Stars 5PK aren’t going to cause many of you to make a mad dash to your nearest retail out, it is great to know if you are looking to complete your 2017 5-Pack collection, or if you’re a fan of any of these castings.

In addition to this, the first Hot Wheels 5-Pack for 2018 — check out that new packaging — is the Justice League 5-Pack. Its contents are below:

Justice League 5-Pack

  1. Justice League Batmobile (Batman)
  2. Synkro (The Flash)
  3. Sir Ominous (Cyborg)
  4. Ryura LX (Wonder Woman)
  5. Bully Goat (Superman)

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