ATTENTION RLC MEMBERS: Spend those RLC Rewards points now!

12/18/2017 — As of late Friday (12/15) the RLC Rewards program is open to all Red Line Club Members who have points over at Past the initial surge of orders, the four banner items for this year’s rewards program remain.

Since there are no made-to-order rewards cars (YAY! No Backorders!), the decision was made to offer the already produced Rewards “Spoilers” Mustang Boss Hoss (limit 1), along side three convention exclusives: 2017 Nationals Convention RLC ’67 Camaro, 2017 Collectors Convention RLC Mustang Boss Hoss, and the 2017 Mexico Convention ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon (all limit 1). These are all spectacular items that have not been offered before. It seems as though collectors feel the same way as most are ordering their limit for all four.

If you have not received your RLC rewards email yet, don’t worry. As long as you know your point total (seen under “My Account” on HWC), you can do the math yourself. For every 9 points, you get a sequential code for $20 OFF your order. The code is as follows: HWCREWARDS2017_X (ex. HWCREWARDS2017_1 for the first 9 pts., HWCREWARDS2017_2 for the next 9 pts.).

Your points are set to expire on 12/27/2017, so don’t forget to use them before you lose them!

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