2018 Hot Wheels “C” case & store exclusives showing up at Toys R Us

12/01/2017 — What a pleasant surprise to hear from a friend last night that the 2018 Hot Wheels “C” case had shown up at his local Toys R Us (TRU) store in Houston. Fortunately for me, I was already headed out the door for some evening hunting so I made TRU the first stop on my route. I walked in, the display up front had 2018  A/B case leftovers, but I did spot two new 2018 5-Packs: Street Beasts and Jungle Rally (see below) — in addition to the new ones I found the other day.

Fast forward to the main Hot Wheels aisle display where the pegs are full of the 2018 Hot Wheels “C” case (no super or regular TH if you are wondering) and these three exclusives are hanging there front & center: Orange Lamborghini Countach (Tooned), Black Bone Shaker (Legends of Speed) and a Dark Blue Lotus Esprit S1 (HW Exotics). Time to go check your TRUs!


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