Collection Update

Collection Update: I found the Super Treasure Hunt Mazda RX-3, time to get all the Hot Wheels variants together.

You always hear from collectors who went to the grocery store for “X” and found supers, or “soup”. In the back of your mind is, “yeaaaah, riiiight” or, “that never happens to me…”; well, that was me this last Sunday. Wandered into my local grocery store down the street at 11am to pick up some groceries for brunch. Went to the pegs — because it doesn’t hurt to check, right? — and BAM! There it was literally sitting front and center. Not sure if anyone came before me but there was another guy that came about 3 minutes after me probably assuming the “local scalper got another one”, not considering that this one was going straight into my collection.

Yes, I found a Super #Treasure Hunt hanging on the pegs — pure luck! It truly is the best find, especially because the #Mazda RX-3 is one super I considered buying on the secondary market, but held off because I felt as though someone was bound to miss one due to its close resemblance to the common variant. I never officially started collecting this casting but I have amassed a full casting collection of it as the car has slowly grown on me. Plus, it allowed for me to break out my new “lawn” — for car shows of course!

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Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Mazda RX-3 Casting Collection Family Photo – July 2021 – All 7 Variants

The Hot Wheels #Mazda RX-3 was designed by Mark Jones for the very first series of #Car Culture: Japan Historics in 2016. The casting is a heavily-modified #Race Car with its front chin spoiler, huge fender flares, and large rear wing. As evidenced by the casting collection checklist below, it appeared in premium for four consecutive years (2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019), before crossing over to basics where it has been released since (2020 & 2021).

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Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Casting Collection CHECKLIST of the Mazda RX-3

The aforementioned Super #Treasure Hunt release — and common variant — from this year’s #HW Drift mini collection in the mainline wears the #Mad Mike Whiddett livery seen on his own “MADBUL RX-7.3” race car — despite that car actually being an RX-7. The Hot Wheels RX-3 was a pretty decent alternative to tooling the MADBUL RX-7.3. Why? Well, his race car also sports the huge fender flares like the Hot Wheels casting, and also features an RX-3 inspired front end. Maybe one day we will see an actual MADBUL casting in premium — sans Red Bull livery unfortunately. But I digress…

My #Mazda RX-3 casting collection is coming along nicely, and I think its time that I officially collect it. Like I said, the car has grown on me, and its muscular design seems rather unique for a non-American muscle car. I am not sure if there is another Hot Wheels casting that has a similar side silhouette! And how is this for releases thus far… 7 variants in, and almost a full rainbow!

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Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Mazda RX-3 Casting Collection Family Photo – July 2021 – All 7 Variants in a rainbow

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  1. Congratulations on a wonderful find! I have had that happen, too. One time I even found 3 supers of the same car (purple Nova w/ flames) It seems you can have long dry periods and then all of a sudden the floodgates open! Glad for you!

  2. Nice find. I dont think I have ever found one when I go “hunting”. For me they always seem to show up mainly in grocery stores when I am there for something else. Last year my wife drug me to dollar tree on my one day off and I found the ’84 Audi.

  3. Congrats on the super find! I always thank God when I find a super because it’s a miracle to find one since they’re so rare. God has helped me find 6 supers in the wild.

    • Thank you , Peter! Back when I was able to sell HW, Supers that I found were always sold and the proceeds given to charity. I now do not have my sales venue and can no longer shop for HW due to health reasons so I need to work out a different plan.

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