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Orange Track Diecast

Collection Update: I found the Super Treasure Hunt Mazda RX-3, time to get all the Hot Wheels variants together.

You always hear from collectors who went to the grocery store for “X” and found supers, or “soup”. In the back of your mind is, “yeaaaah, riiiight” or, “that never happens to me…”; well, that was me this last Sunday. Wandered into my local grocery store down the […]

Orange Track Diecast

Night Burnerz: ’15 MAZDA MX-5 MIATA

Just last year, Hot Wheels collectors were introduced to “Mad” Mike Whiddett, a drift car racer from New Zealand. His Mazda REPU named “PITBUL” was featured in the 2017 HW Daredevils series. It was quite the debut for the Hot Wheels #Mazda REPU casting given its extensive graphics […]