Tag: Mark Jones Designs

Mark Jones is blessed to have had a long career designing toy vehicles for Mattel. His Hot Wheels designs include some of the castings most despised by collectors and hopefully a few they approve of, including the ‘67 GTO, ’63 T-Bird, Go-Kart, Blast Lane, ’65 Bonneville, Sooo Fast, Custom 59 Cadillac, and the ’65 Corvette. Mark’s most recent Hot Wheels are Epic Fast, The Falcon marvel car, Custom Chevy Greenbrier and the, Red Line Club Cabbin’ Fever as depicted on the 2002 poster. Some of Mark’s favorite designs include, Golden Arrow, Pony Up, Ground FX, CUL8TR, Drift King, Brutalistic, Spector and the Hyper Mite. After having the pleasure of designing trucks and planes for the Matchbox Real Working Rigs and Skybusters lines respectively, Mark returned to the Hot Wheels fold in 2014, looking after the Mainline Collector and RLC castings.