HW Exotics (2019 New Model): ’16 BUGATTI CHIRON

Back in March, the Hot Wheels Design Team — better known collectively as @hotwheelsdreamteam on Instagram — shocked the Hot Wheels world, announcing the return of #Bugatti to the #2019 Hot Wheels mainline. Collectors had clamored for another Bugatti since the Bugatti Veyron last appeared in 2010; and the car atop many collectors’ wish lists was finally being produced: the #’16 Bugatti Chiron.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’16 Bugatti Chiron from the 2019 HW Exotics series … also part of the 2019 New Models (on orange track)

Since word got out that Hot Wheels lost the #Bugatti license back in 2010, the Bugatti Veyron became a collector sensation. Values soared on all versions of the casting which were released from 2003 to 2010. Many collectors have speculated the reasons as to why the casting was no longer being produced citing anything from the tooling was stolen, to Bugatti hating the look of the Veyron casting, to Mattel & Bugatti being at an impasse over licensing. Whatever the reason was, it was never confirmed, but that didn’t stop some collectors from paying top dollar for every Veyron they could find. There was even an outlandish rumor that it was Bugatti that was buying up all the old Veyrons — to ultimately destroy them. Almost a decade later, the Veyrons still fetch top dollar with the mass-produced, least-appealing Mystery Cars releases still fetching $15 or so, all the way up to the Speed Machines release which can command upwards of $150.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’16 Bugatti Chiron from the 2019 HW Exotics series, with the 2003 First Edition Bugatti Veyron

In the Hot Wheels collecting world, the hype surrounding #Bugatti had reached unprecedented territory. In 25 years of collecting, I hadn’t experienced anything like it. I figured it would die-down eventually, once collectors figured the “next thing” to move onto; however, in recent years, we have seen several castings reach epic proportions in terms of popularity — just like the Veyron.

I was told that, for years, Hot Wheels tried to reestablish a licensing deal with Bugatti. While trying to secure a license from Bugatti, Hot Wheels Designer, #Ryu Asada Designed the Chiron. Through many revisions, and several years, Hot Wheels was finally able to produce the #’16 Bugatti Chiron as part of this year’s #HW Exotics Series.

The #’16 Bugatti Chiron couldn’t have been greeted with more collector acclaim. From that initial announcement on, the Chiron hype grew, prompting many collectors to resort to buying unspun/unfinished Chirons from the factory thieves in Malaysia … something that we strongly discourage here. For those that waited, we are seeing the Chiron appear at retail now as part of the #2019 Hot Wheels “N” case assortment — for $1.

As far as $1 Hot Wheels basic cars go, this is just about as good as they get. Many will point out the lack of detail in the headlights and taillights, but those are defined well enough to get by without it. Instead, I applaud the decision — probably guided by Bugatti — to enhance the side “arcs” in silver, and give the front grill detail. It really sets the Chiron apart from many of its other mainline counterparts.

Hunting this #First Edition of the Hot Wheels #’16 Bugatti Chiron is going to be tough for the next couple months. Given the popularity of this new casting, and the hype the Veyron created, collectors are already snatching up every Chiron they come across. My advice to you is: Be patient … if you haven’t already found it. These are coming two to a case (on average), and will appear in 2019 “N” and “P” case assortments. So, get out there and hunt. The Chiron will not hang on the pegs for long, and this is one mainline car you will not want to pass on.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Dark Blue (metal). Tinted Windows. Black Interior. Chrome J5 Wheels. Dark Blue Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# FYB49. Released in 2019 as #7 of 10 in the HW Exotics series (#236/250 in the 2019 mainline).

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  1. I have the 2003 Bugatti Veyron tucked away in a protecto. I have been looking for the Chiron with no luck. Like BRAD said if you can wait you may get lucky later on .Nice article BRAD. I can wait. Finding a gem in the wild is a good feeling . I will be looking but I want pay the auction site prices. As the old saying goes ( GOOD THINGS COMES TO THOSE WHO WAIT ).

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