BUGATTI IS BACK! Hot Wheels unveils the new Bugatti Chiron

3/8/2019 — Since Bugatti & Hot Wheels ended their licensing agreement in 2011, prices for Hot Wheels Bugatti Veyrons have soared on the secondary market. It was rumored that Bugatti didn’t want the Veyron to be produced in diecast form anymore so that is why Hot Wheels ceased production on that model. Later we learned that Hot Wheels no longer had the license so a Bugatti replacement wouldn’t happen either. …THAT CHANGES TODAY!

Today we learned OFFICIALLY that Bugatti would indeed be returning to the Hot Wheels mainline in 2019. The @hotwheelsdreamteam confirmed recent speculation by posting a picture — outside the Hot Wheels Design Center — of a Bugatti Chiron sample they received from the plant in Malaysia. With the Bugatti Veyron taking on a cult-following in the last 9 years since the last Bugatti Hot Wheels car was produced, you can expect this super car to be super popular when it is released later this year.

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  1. This is great news BRAD. Just in time to have this BAD BOY as our 2020 Hotwheels RLC Membership Car. Any color would be ok with me.

  2. WOOOOOoooooowwwww… that thing is sweet! What a way to fill a void!!
    My question is.. because of the release of newer models (thanks to a re-issue of the license), will this have any effect of value for the original Bugatti models?

    • While there is no way to know for sure other than to wait, it will likely allow the other Bugattis to come down a bit from their prestigious price point they are at now.

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