Collection Update

Collection Update: Up-to-date on the Hot Wheels CRUISE BRUISER

My latest Mystery Models Series 3 score netted a new Hot Wheels #Cruise Bruiser to add to the collection. It was the vehicle I was looking forward to the most simply because it was the only one out of the 12 that I collect. Others may have sought to find the three chase cars from this wave, but it turned out I was hunting the true chase: the #11 Cruise Bruiser.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Cruise Bruiser from the 2019 Mystery Models Series 3

My affinity for the #Cruise Bruiser started back in 2015 when the casting was first released as part of the 2016 HW Daredevils series. Its a jacked-up, #Demolition Derby Vehicle reminiscent of late ’60s / early ’70s land yachts — especially the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser. Since this is an #Unlicensed Hot Wheels “fantasy car” — or “Hot Wheels original” — there is no affiliation with any automaker as this one in from the mind of Hot Wheels Designer, Dmitriy “Dima” Shakhmatov. His working title, “Momma’s Little Stinker” never panned out with Mattel legal, so the “Cruise Bruiser” was born.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Casting Collection of the Cruise Bruiser (family photo, August 2019)

Over the last four model years (2016 to 2019), we have seen sixth variants of the Hot Wheels #Cruise Bruiser. The original HW Daredevils (2016 New Models) release had two colorways (orange & matte blue), and before the end of that year, it had already showed up in the Super Mario Themed Assortment, wearing King Koopa himself: #Bowser. In 2017, the casting was relegated to the HW Daredevils series once again, however, this time there was a Super #Treasure Hunt #Variation. We didn’t get a release of it in 2018, but it came back this year as part of the very interesting, Mystery Models Series 3.

Click on any of the links in the above paragraph, or check out the #Cruise Bruiser tag, to catch up all of its previous releases. It may be a pretty young casting collection, but its one that has gotten plenty of coverage here on OTD. What are your thoughts on the Cruise Bruiser? Would you like to see more #Demolition Derby Vehicles of this nature? Comment your thoughts below.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Casting Collection of the Cruise Bruiser (family photo, August 2019)

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    • That was an unsubstantiated claim and has now been removed from the wiki. It was written by a user with less than 10 wiki edits, and no link to Mattel.

      The name would suggest a linkage, with “Cruise Bruiser” paying homage to the “Cruiser” in Vista Cruiser, but Dima has never stated that was the basis for this design. Also, I admit the bodies of the Cruise Bruiser & Vista Cruiser appear similar, but there are also different enough to not require a license from Oldsmobile, if indeed the Cruise Bruiser was based off of the Vista Cruiser.

  1. Dang it! I missed that Bowser one. Thanks for the update, will look out for the Mystery Model one and will search for the Bowser livery.

  2. As a demolition derby driver, I can tell you the racing community loves the cruise bruiser. When the first two came out, everyone was on the hunt to buy as many of them as possible! We’d love the originals to come back out in different colors. Maybe a pink for Breast Cancer? I have multiples of each wagon that has come out!

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