New Hot Wheels Product on Amazon; Replica Entertainment, Pop Culture, and 2019 Advent Calendar (UPDATED 8/19)

8/14/2019 — New Hot Wheels product has surfaced on Amazon. Lately, grabbing new Hot Wheels product off Amazon has been a great way to be assured new product without the hassle of finding at retail. No system is perfect though. While the SKUs and pictures are correct for these products, the names are wrong. Also, for the carded collector, buying off an online site such as Amazon can lead to receiving cards that are not mint — but for a loose collector such as myself, its great!

With all that said, here are some exclusive links for some new Hot Wheels product. I will update this when more from these waves become available, but for now, here is what I found:

Replica Entertainment – FORZA Motorsport ’17 FORD RAPTOR

Replica Entertainment – Toy Story RC CAR

Replica Entertainment – The Punisher Van

Pop Culture – The Beatles VOLKSWAGEN T1 PANEL BUS

2019 Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

DISCLAIMER: The Hot Wheels Replica Entertainment / Pop Culture are “Temporarily Sold Out” because they are pre-sale items. No imminent ship date. Those products are currently $5.49 & free shipping at the time of posting this article, but price is subject to change. Advent Calendar is ready to ship now, and is $19.99 & free shipping at the time of this article posting.

UPDATED 8/19/2019 — New Cars Added

Pop Culture – The Beatles COMBAT MEDIC

Pop Culture – The Beatles DECO DELIVERY

Pop Culture – The Beatles QUICK D-LIVERY

Replica Entertainment – Toy Story PIZZA PLANET TRUCK

Car Culture / Team Transport – FALKEN MERCEDES-BENZ 190E / FLEET FLYER

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  1. Love those Advent calendars, they make perfect gifts for collectors young & old. Got a bunch of them last year and the folks I gave them to loved ’em.

  2. BEWARE! The VW van, even though is “out of stock”, has a different description on Amazon(’55 Chevy Panel), so no telling what you might get, if you get anything at all.

  3. Amazon added three more pre-orders from the Beatles Pop Culture set last night. Title’s are wonky. I am going by the pictures. Quck Dellivery (with the beatles), Combat Medic (Revolver), and Deco Delivery (Yellow Submarine).

  4. Amazon just canceled my order for the rc car from when I ordered it when this first was posted. The punisher van still has no eta

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