Tag: Blown Engine

These are vehicles that feature a blown engine.

Orange Track Diecast

The Hot Wheels AMPHICAR was a true underdog in the 2012 Boulevard line

I was re-organizing the collection a couple weeks ago when I came across the #Amphicar from the #2012 Hot Wheels #Boulevard line. Since I organize the majority of my loose collection by auto manufacturer now, I had to put the Amphicar aside. The 1:1 Amphicar was manufactured by […]

Orange Track Diecast

Red Line Club Exclusive: HI-PO HAULER

The long-awaited #RLC Exclusive #Hi-Po Hauler is here! Since appearing on a February 2017 episode of Discovery Channel’s Fast N’ Loud where Hot Wheels challenged Gas Monkey Garage to build a 1:1 scale Hot Wheels car for the Red Line Club, fans of the show and Hot Wheels […]