Collection Update

Collection Update: Little-used FAST-BED HAULER back in mainline for 2019; brings casting collection to 5

The Hot Wheels #Fast-Bed Hauler has resurfaced after a 3-year void, and this collector is happy. See, back in 2014, I thought the Fast-Bed Hauler was one of the coolest new models for that year. I originally sought out to collect it, but after its last release in 2015, most collectors (myself included) kind of forgot about it. This year, the casting returns — in a limited form.  The 2019 HW Metro series release (in yellow) is the regular #Treasure Hunt for the 2019 “L” case assortment.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Fast-Bed Hauler Casting Collection (Family Photo, July 2019)

Before he left for Matchbox, former Hot Wheels Designer, #Abe Lugo Designed the #Fast-Bed Hauler to not only haul other cars, but to haul-you-know-what as well. Its a 1930s-style single-ton #Flatbed Hauler with dual V8 engines, and a ramp that extends out and down. The idea is that this could be the vessel that brings your car to the car show OR it could be your entry into the local car show as its fascinating by itself. The truck is certainly cool-looking and theoretically, it would be fast as all heck with that power plant you see underneath.

Hot Wheels –wise, the only disappointment is that the truck is mostly plastic, with the lone diecast piece being the cab. To my knowledge, the casting fulfills the 4-piece mainline requirement as its four pieces are the cab, windows/engines/body, flatbed, and the base. So… there isn’t much to speculate on as to why it disappeared from the mainline from 2016 to 2018. Thats okay though as the important thing is that its back!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Fast-Bed Hauler from the 2019 HW Metro Series (Regular Treasure Hunt lifting Fast & Furious ’70 Monte Carlo)

When the #Fast-Bed Hauler was first released way back in 2014, the satin blue and red colorways had people searching for cars to match as many were looking to load up that flatbed. The satin blue release came first, with the red following shortly after.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Fast-Bed Hauler from the 2014 HW Off-Road / Stunt Circuit Series (both colorways, head-to-head)

The next year (2015), collectors were stoked to see the #Fast-Bed Hauler return. The green was a little easier to find than the two colorways from the previous year as collectors had started to leave them hang on the pegs a little longer. Shortly after the green release, came the #Walmart Exclusive #ZAMAC release. This proved to be a tough release to find — especially for me. I am not sure if I ever found it so, the one you see below comes from an online purchase I made several days ago. So really — with the addition of the ZAMAC & the yellow TH — that is the basis behind me doing this #Collection Update. I have officially started collecting this casting and look forward to what 2020 has in-store for it.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Fast-Bed Hauler from the 2015 HW Workshop / Garage Series (both colorways, head-to-head)

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  1. The fast bed hauler is a great casting. 👍 I have all 5 of those in my hotwheels collection. 👍

  2. Good that they kept the moving rear tray. I remember the hype about this one when it came out, people comparing it to the Blown Delivery. I guess the hype wore off when they realised the lack of diecast. Still a cool casting though.

    • The moving rear tray was actually modified slightly. I will revise this article when I get an opportunity to take another pic.

  3. i think this would be a cool rlc car.all diecast and spectraflame paint.with real riders.that would be awesome.imo.

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