Next Batch of Hot Wheels iD available NOW ON AMAZON!

7/12/2019 — Forget Amazon Prime Day, the next batch of Hot Wheels iD just dropped on Amazon at midnight PST. Below is the list of vehicles that are now available for order. Sign up for Amazon Prime and get it tomorrow!

Hot Wheels iD NOW ON SALE!

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Also, Amazon has the last wave if you didn’t already get them from an Apple store; along with the Smart Track Kit, Upgrade Kit and Race Portal.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Brad! Just ordered mine, this month is quickly turning into a BIG deal with all these “must haves” being released.

  2. damn the RLC bundle already sold out, at least i grabbed 2 bone shakers on prime only one i want since im not into this whole ID craze with apps and tracks, just gunna buy the cars i want or that look cool to display..

  3. Not sure if the Batmobile was actually available. Not seeing any on ebay like all the others. Did anybody get to buy one?

  4. Has anyone bought the Id track?
    Or people just buying the cars?
    Is it fun to play with the track id?

  5. The id cars you have up there have been out for a while and alot of YouTubers are showing new id car. But no one has them yet so do you when the bach cars are comeing out thank you

    • We don’t show stolen product here, so you won’t see pics of unreleased product. The next wave will hit any day now … September 1 at the latest.

      • I didn’t say they were stolen these or people that get the product from Mattel

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