RLC Exclusive: ’41 WILLYS GASSER

Lately, the Red Line Club (RLC) has been one-upping itself. #Spectraflame Paint has always been a part of the online club that has spanned two decades, but since last year, there has been a focus on increasing the details, and adding at least one #Opening Feature to all new castings. This has been a huge win for the RLC team at Hot Wheels, as they are now selling out 10,000 piece runs in a matter of minutes — this release included.

The #’41 Willys Gasser (pronounced WILL-ISS) is the latest #RLC Exclusive and the newest #Gasser Hot Wheels has to offer. This highly-detail premium casting features a steering wheel that is separate from the interior, and a chrome-plated metal foot pedal that is actually part of the base. The engine is chrome-plated as well with extensive detailing of the belts (black), block (orange) and exhaust pipes; which received a tampo that mimics the look of heated metal (see image below).

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’41 Willys Gasser, a 2019 RLC Exclusive (exhaust view)

Hot Wheels Designer, Brendon Vetuskey went all-out in designing this #Willys #Gasser. Brendon has been known for his automotive knowledge, and the way he can implement specific details into castings. RLC members have been privy to the design process involving this casting since the “first shot” — which is basically the first time the new vehicle is cast in diecast. Brendon has talked about his refinements, and its safe to say all were important in getting this release to look as good as it does — and function the way it should.

While we are “talkin’ ’bout…” design, how about the man in charge of taking that raw casting and giving it life: Hot Wheels Graphic Designer, Steve “Van” Vandervate. Van has also shared his design process with the RLC members (via the HWC forums). Apparently there was an internal debate — or realization — when it came to the pronunciation of “WILLYS”. Many wanted to refer to the casting as a “WILL-EEZ” Gasser, but it was Brendon who shared that it should be pronounced, “WILL-ISS“. Shortly after, RLC members were treated to the first proof of the design which had “Whatcha Talkin’ ’bout” on the sides, in what only can be a nod to the TV Series, Diff’rent Strokes (1978-1986). In the series, Arnold (played by the late, Gary Coleman) was known for the famous phrase “Whatcha talkin’ ’bout, Willis“. The wording on the side of the #RLC Exclusive #’41 Willys Gasser was eventually whittled down to just, “Talkin’ ’bout…” to avoid the direct affiliation with the show. Now, this gasser is what collectors are “Talkin’ ’bout…”.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’41 Willys Gasser, a 2019 RLC Exclusive head-to-head with the 2012 Treasure Hunts ’41 Willys Coupe

Since this is the #First Edition of the #’41 Willys Gasser casting, many collectors are interested to see how it compares to the mainline casting for the #Custom ’41 Willys Coupe. Silhouette-wise, the body lines look very similar, but apart from that, the crisp, highly-detailed nature of the ’41 Willys Gasser makes it a casting that should have collectors clamoring for it for years to come — oh, and its a #Gasser (have I mentioned that???).

Hot Wheels #Gassers continue to rise in terms of popularity and secondary market prices. Look no further than earlier #HWC gassers and you’ll see that collectors love the #Spectraflame Paint paired with witty liveries, and #Real Riders. Could the #’41 Willys Gasser become the next high dollar #RLC Exclusive? Probably not with a 10,000 piece run, but that shouldn’t stop collectors from paying nearly double its retail price on the secondary market.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’41 Willys Gasser, a 2019 RLC Exclusive with other HWC Exclusives: Candy Striper ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser and ’66 Chevy Super Nova

A lot of work has went into developing these new, ultra-premium Hot Wheels castings for the RLC. The question is not if, but rather: when will we see this casting again? It is a “China tool” meaning it can only appear in lines that source manufacturing from the China plant. That rules out all retail lines. Sorry. Chances are, we will either see it as an upcoming convention exclusive, or in the RLC for 2020. Until then, collectors will surely be talkin’ ’bout this one for a while. What are your thoughts on it? Please comment below and let us know!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Spectraflame Bright Orange Body (metal). Clear Windows. Brown Interior with Painted Details. Real Riders Skinney 5-Spoke Wheels (front) and Real Riders Slotted Deep Dish Wheels (back) with Cheater Slick Tires and Firestone Tampos. Chrome-Plated Metal Base. Made in China. Toy# GDF81. Sold exclusively through the Red Line Club via on June 25, 2019. Limited to 10,000 pieces.

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  1. I had to crack one open. And Iโ€™m glad I did! Its so much better looking freed from the blister

  2. ๐Ÿ˜ŽArticle BRAD. I liked it. Last night I watched a tape program of Counting Cars with Danny & his crew at the Detroit Autorama that I had taped. I saw a vintage convertible car with a color similar to our Willyโ€™s.A light Purple Willyโ€™s,plus their were plenty of cars at that show that I know our RLC Members would like. Maybe you can watch a repeat and mention it to some in the know at Hotwheels. We had a Gas Monkey Car,so why not a Counting Cars one. The program was on the History channel and it was named โ€œ Dannyโ€™s Detroit Special โ€œ. Hope we can have a Counting Cars Special.
    P.S. the winner was sooo ๐Ÿ˜Ž. You have to watch the show to appreciate that car and the others.

    • Yeah, I just started watching CCโ€™s again so a special car from the series would be a great idea.. they have a GMG version so why not a Counting Cars selection.
      I saw the episode where they recreated a Bullitt Mustang, so that would be a nice example.
      Which brings to mind.. why hasnโ€™t Hot Wheels ever produced a Bullitt Mustang? The most iconic car EVER in this hobby, motion pictures & car culture! But why not?

  3. I forgot to mention in my Post above that I was able to order one in 3 minutes. I was not disappointed with the Willyโ€™s at all. I am sure we will have more down the road. I plan on keeping mines CARDED. I am a carded collector.

  4. That redline club exclusive 1941 willys gasser is awesome. ๐Ÿ‘ I’m on the hunt for this one. ๐Ÿ‘

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